Narcotic !

Narcotic ! Youtube Channel
Narcotic ! Youtube Channel

Title : Narcotic ! (Official : Stupéfiant !)

Hosted by : Léa Salamé (since 2016)

Production : Bangumi

Broadcasters/TV Channel : France 2

Genre : Cultural

Date : Since 2016

Description : Narcotic ! is a french TV series focused on art. It talks about many domains like painting, music, cinema, litterature, mode or street art with reports, interviews, news, history and unknown anecdotes.

My Work : Sound Mix

Chiens Écrasés

Title : Chiens Écrasés

Director : Vivien Héraut

Production : L’instant Présent

Genre : Comedy/Thriller

Date : April 2017

Synopsis : This is the story of crossed portraits. Alex and Lou, a young couple living in Paris. Francis and Johnny, two old mobsters, mafia cartoons of the 1980s. who stopped their illegal activities and produces coffins.  Francky, their ex-boss who asks them a last service, in memory of good old days. Julie, the ecological politician who drives a 4×4. A dog. Michel, divorcing and swallow lover. And many others… But various events will bring these characters to interact, with as a backdrop : drugs, corruption, old resentments, mutant rats and a famous Telenovelas.

My Work : Foley Recording, Sound Design and Sound Mix. Surround Mix (5.1)

Merry Christmas Mum

Title : Merry Christmas Mum (Official : Joyeux Noël Maman)

Directors : Quentin Rebuttini and Mike Desa

Production : Au Fil du Temps Production

Genre : Comedy/Thriller

Date : December 2017

  • Best Film Awards
  • Best Sound Awards

Synopsis : Nothing should ruin Léa’s Christmas. You have to sing Jingles Bells, keep an eye on the turkey’s roasting, and hide the corpse of his mother !

This film was shot as part of the 48h Film Project of Lyon (France). With imposed subject, objects, lines, caracters… we had to make an entire short film in 48h. In 2017, around 60 film was in competition.

My Work : Sound Design, Sound Mix and Musical composition

I’m What Your Desires Reflects

Title : I’m What Your Desires Reflects (Official : Je Suis à L’image de ton Désir)

Directors : Gaïl Parenteau and Florent Godin

Production : Disruptive Factory

Genre : Dark Comedy

Date : Décember 2015

Selected at the Nikon Film Festival (2017)

Synopsis : The story of David, 40 years old, who pretends to be his son to try to seduce a young teenager.

My Work : Sound Design and Sound Mixer

Dinner’s Ready

Title : Dinner’s Ready (Official : Je suis à Table !)

Director : Anaïs De Souza

Production : Les Chantiers du Réel

Genre : Comedy

Date : December 2015

Selected at the Nikon Film Festival (2017)

Synopsis : Agathe and Louis are having a breakfast. At the same time, there are arguing each other. In consequence, they decide to go out tonight separately : Agathe is dinning with her mother whereas Louis is playing poker with his friends.

My Work : Sound Design, Sound Mix and Musical Composition

Complementary Investigation

Complementary Investigation Youtube Channel
Complementary Investigation Youtube Channel

Title : Complementary Investigation (Official : Complément d’Enquête)

Hosted By : Benoît Duquesne (2001/2014) / Nicolas Poincaré (2014/2017) / Thomas Sotto (since 2017)

Production : France Televisions

Broadcasters/TV CHannel : France 2

Genre : Investigation newsmagazine/Documentaries

Date : Since 2001

Description : Complément d’enquête (Complementary Investigation) is a french investigative newsmagazine. It tries to investigate deeper into many topics like socials, politicals, geopoliticals in france or arround the world.

My Work : Sound Design and Sound Mix

N’oubliez Pas Les Paroles !

N'oubliez Pas Les Paroles
N’oubliez Pas Les Paroles ! Replays

Title : N’oubliez Pas Les Paroles !

Hosted By : Nagui (since 2007)

Production : Air Productions

Broadcasters/TV Channel : France 2

Genre : TV Quizz Show/Music

Date : Since 2007

Description : N’oubliez pas les paroles! is a French televised series based on the international series Don’t Forget the Lyrics!.

My Work : Sound Mixer

Piece of Cake

Title : Piece of Cake

Director : Anaïs De Souza

Production : Self-Producted

Genre : Autobiographical/Essay

Date : June 2015

Synopsis : Anaïs had an Erasmus scholarship in 2014. Thanks to that, she was living 7 months in London. There, she was an intern at Cyclops Vision company. In Piece of Cake, she was interviewing her ex-boss, the director Stuart Urban, about her work, how she was organise her life, and the international student’s position in London.

This film was attached at a report for the International Complementary Training and the Europass Mobility Diploma.

My Work : Sound Design, Sound Mix and Musical Compilation

A Book, A Day

A Book, A Day
A Book, A Day Replays

Title ; A Book, A Day (Official : Un Livre, Un Jour)

Hosted By : Olivier Barrot (since 1991)

Production : France Televisions

Broadcasters/TV Channel : France 3

Genre : Cultural/Mini Magazine

Date : Since 1991

Description : A Book, A Day is a french TV mini series about litterature. Each day, a writer, publisher or translator presents his book.

My Work : Sound Design and Sound Mix