Jewishs’ Children Rescued at the Rotschild’s Hospital

Title : Jewishs’ Children Rescued at the Rotschild’s Hospital (Official : Les Enfants Juifs Sauvés de l’Hôpital Rotschild)

Directors : Jean-Christophe Portes/Rémi Bénichou

Production : Dreamway Productions

Broadcasters/TV Channels : France 5, Planète +

Date : April 2015

Synopsis : Under the Nazi occupation, the Rothschild Hospital in Paris became a “prison” hospital, where, before their deportation, sick Jewish people were treated. It also became the only French hospital where Jewish doctors could still practice. To avoid being complicit in this sinister comedy, nurses decided to save the children first. They prolonged or invented diseases, made up the death registers, organized escapes. Colette Brull-Ulmann, a 21-year-old intern, was part of this group of resistance fighters. Seven decades later, the only survivor of the Rothschild Hospital Network meets children whom she helped.

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