Chiens Écrasés

Title : Chiens Écrasés

Director : Vivien Héraut

Production : L’instant Présent

Genre : Comedy/Thriller

Date : April 2017

Synopsis : This is the story of crossed portraits. Alex and Lou, a young couple living in Paris. Francis and Johnny, two old mobsters, mafia cartoons of the 1980s. who stopped their illegal activities and produces coffins.  Francky, their ex-boss who asks them a last service, in memory of good old days. Julie, the ecological politician who drives a 4×4. A dog. Michel, divorcing and swallow lover. And many others… But various events will bring these characters to interact, with as a backdrop : drugs, corruption, old resentments, mutant rats and a famous Telenovelas.

My Work : Foley Recording, Sound Design and Sound Mix. Surround Mix (5.1)