Studient Works/Shots

Here are some musical compositions, shots, trials, tests  made during my scholarship (BTS Métiers de l’Audiovisuel, – option son. A french 2 years degree in sound).

Piano Works

Some Drones

Trailer Music



Mama Bobo

Title : Mama Bobo

Directors : Robin Andelfinger and Ibrahima Seydi

Production : Wombat Films and Replica Films

Genre : Tale

Date : July 2017

Synopsis : Mama Bobo, 80 years old, sits each morning at the bus shelter on Gomis Street, near Dakar (Senegal). She never rides in any bus but she imagines that every day she joins her husband at the market. One morning, his bus shelter disappeared.

My Work : Sound Design and Sound Mix. Surround Mix (5.1)

One Every 3 Days

Title : One Each 3 Days (Official : Une Toules les 3 Jours)

Director : Emmanuel Hamon

Production : Fright House Pictures

Genre : Drama

Date : January 2018

Synopsis : It is estimated that arround one woman dies each 3 days in France, victims of her husband. Here is a story among all…

My Work : Sound Design and Sound Mix. Surround Mix (5.1)

Completing The Story

Title : Completing the Story (Official : Règlement de Conte)

Director : Michaël Berthet

Production : Disruptive Factory

Genre : Drama/Tale

Date : October 2016

Synopsis : A man in a black suit walks towards the parisian subway. He looks thoughful…

My Work : Sound Design and Sound Mix

Hôtel Europe

Title : Hôtel Europe

Directors : Sylvain Coisne and Quentin Daniel

Production : Wombat Films

Genre : Horror/Thriller

Date : October 2015

Synopsis : Sophia, a Greek immigrant, left her six-year-old son in Greece. She has just arrived in Paris and finds a night work on the site of an old hotel. She discovers that she is not the only one who can’t find her place.

My Work : Sound Design and Sound Mix. Surround Mix (5.1)

May Triangle

May Triangle EM1 Replay
May Triangle EM1 Replay

Title : May Triangle (official : Triangle de Mai)

Director : François-Hubert Rodier

Production : France Televisions

Brodcasters/TV Channel : France 3

Date : April 2018

Series of 3 documentaries

Synopsis : May 68, France had a month of studients revolts and riots. This series of documentaries retraces that period by 3 schools point of view (one for each film) : Nanterre, Beaux-Arts and Sorbonne.

My Work : Sound Design and Sound Mixer

Syria, The Legacy’s Last Guardians

Title : Syria, The Legacy’s Last Guardians (Official : Les Derniers Remparts du Patrimoine)

Director : Jean-Luc Reynaud

Production : Dreamway Productions

Broadcasters/TV Channel : France 5

Date : Octobre 2015

Synopsis : This is the story of a human chain composed of disarmed, pacifist and rebellious citizens who are the “Last Ramparts” of the World Heritage of Humanity. Those who, in Syria and Irak, save what can still be saved from their heritage and their identity. These men-ramparts, who work in the shadows, refuse the collapse of their culture, which is also ours, because it is the cradle of our civilization.

My Work : Sound Design and Sound Mix

Final Farewell to Jean-Marie Drot

Final : Final Farewell to Jean-Marie Drot (Official : Pour saluer Jean-Marie Drot)

Director : Guy Selligman

Production : Metis Films

Broadcasters/TV Channels : Histoire

Date : Septembre 2016

Synopsis : Writer, poet and also director, Jean-Marie Drot was a pionner of the french audiovisual industry. In the 50s, director of several series, he became the privileged confidant of those, painters, sculptors, writers, composers, who will make “les heures chaudes” of Montparnasse.

My Work : Sound Design and Sound Mix

Jewishs’ Children Rescued at the Rotschild’s Hospital

Title : Jewishs’ Children Rescued at the Rotschild’s Hospital (Official : Les Enfants Juifs Sauvés de l’Hôpital Rotschild)

Directors : Jean-Christophe Portes/Rémi Bénichou

Production : Dreamway Productions

Broadcasters/TV Channels : France 5, Planète +

Date : April 2015

Synopsis : Under the Nazi occupation, the Rothschild Hospital in Paris became a “prison” hospital, where, before their deportation, sick Jewish people were treated. It also became the only French hospital where Jewish doctors could still practice. To avoid being complicit in this sinister comedy, nurses decided to save the children first. They prolonged or invented diseases, made up the death registers, organized escapes. Colette Brull-Ulmann, a 21-year-old intern, was part of this group of resistance fighters. Seven decades later, the only survivor of the Rothschild Hospital Network meets children whom she helped.

My Work : Sound Design


Thalassa Youtube Channel
Thalassa’s Youtube Channel

Title : Thalassa

Host by : Georges Pernoud (1975/2017) / Fanny Agostini (since 2017)

Production : France Televisions

Broadcasters/TV Channel : France 3

Genre : Documentaries/TV Magasines

Date : Since 1975

Explanation : Thalassa is a French documentary television series. His subjects are entirely focused on the sea and its environment, from an ecological, sporting, human, historical and sometimes geopolitical point of view.

My Work : Sound Design and Sound Mix